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About Us

PrizeDraws.com is a small family run, start up company based in Birmingham and currently trading as a sole trader.Here at PrizeDraws.com our aim is to give you the chance to win amazing prizes at a low cost.Competitions range in prize from 99p to £20 and there’s always something for everyone.

We have taken every step to make sure that we are following the letter of the law, we are operating 100% legally and our skill based competitions fully comply with the Gambling act 2005.

We are a UK based business and our competitions are open to everyone from the UK and Ireland.Buy a ticket and get involved.

Please note that the PrizeDraws.com is not a charity raffle, raffle or lottery but a prize draw. Our online contest to win prizes includes a method of entry via post. No purchase is necessary to enter but the intention of the prize draws is that people enter to win prizes and support a worthy charitable cause.